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Our goal is quality and not quantity, you will produce on average one well-crafted image per week.
You will work on all aspects of the image making.
We will introduce you to our workflow and tips, and we will train you on our Image-Reading process.
This is what Engram is about afterall.
For all positions, your portfolio must be strong and show how you deal with exterior images. You also should be eligible to work in EU.
You can apply for the following open positions:

Senior Artist
Senior artists will work with large freedom on the images, thus we require a good autonomy in achieving an excellent quality. Your portfolio must show a strong approach to iconic image-making and a deep understanding of framing and light.

Movie Artist
Movie artist will work on Movie making and research. We aim to develop a fresh and personal style for architectural movies.
Candidate must have good technical skills and open eyes on cinema, comics and art in general. Unreal skills are more than wellcome.

mail to:
Please attach CV and portfolio (PDF only, max 20MB).

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