Engram is a team of architects and artists working on digital illustration since the 1990s.



Our vision relies on a dynamic process where codes gathered from several forms of culture, artistic and otherwise, are assembled into an evolving mindscape. We keep expanding our culture on perception and image-reading to create engaging illustrations.


We see images as a whole where everything is connected, rather than the sum of their parts. Unification and simplification are our keywords. Finding iconic potential in each design and expressing it at its best is our guideline.


While using the most important industry standard tools, we keep experimenting uncommon methods and software to keep our work fresh and evolving. We have a solid, established workflow we rely upon but, at the same time, we keep introducing new ideas and exploring new paths to expand our boundaries.

Engram s.r.l. socio unico – Via Cavour 11, Faenza (Ra) – Italy
p.iva / c.f. / iscrizione reg. imp. di Ravenna – 02394990390
cap. soc. € 15000 i.v.

phone +39 (0)546 066003 – email info@engram.it